• Marcel Bruchez

    Director, MBIC
    Professor, Chemistry and Biological Sciences
    Professor (by courtesy), Computational Biology and Biomedical Engineering
    Phone: 412-268-9661 | Email:
    Lab Website:

  • Robert Bodnar

    Business Manager, MBIC
    Phone: 412-268-6168 | Email:

Steering Committee

  • Bruce Armitage

    Professor, Chemistry

  • Alan Waggoner

    Professor, Biological Sciences

  • Jonathan Jarvik

    Assoc. Prof. Biological Sciences

  • Gordon Rule

    Professor, Biological Sciences

Faculty Affiliates

  • Robert van de Weerd

    Special Faculty, Scientist Biotechnology

  • Phil Campbell

    Research Professor, Institute for Complex Engineered Systems

  • Fred Lanni

    Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

  • Robert F. Murphy

    Ray and Stephanie Lane Professor, Computational Biology, Biological Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, and Machine Learning

  • Alan Rosenbloom, MD

    Research Scientist, Institute for Complex Engineered Systems

  • Alan Russell

    Highmark Distinguished Career Professor, CMU
    Institute for Complex Engineered Systems


  • Chris Szent-Gyorgyi, PhD

    Senior Molecular Biologist

  • Byron Ballou, PhD

    Senior Biologist

  • Greg Fisher, PhD

    Senior Cell Biologist

  • Cheryl Telmer, PhD

    Senior Molecular Biologist

  • Brigitte Schmidt, PhD

    Senior Chemist

  • Lydia Perkins Eutsey, PhD

    Director of Shared Imaging Resource | Email:

  • Yehuda Creeger

    Manager of Cytometry and Automated Biology Core | Email:

  • Roxana Sarbu



  • Iris Yang

    PhD Student, Biology Bruchez Group