Zeiss 880 Laser Scanning Microscope


This microscope system provides one-photon (1-p) confocal, photo-manipulation and spectral unmixing fluorescence technologies.

Six laser lines (405, 458, 488, 514, 561 and 633 nm). Image acquisition includes multi-color, z-stack, time lapse and multi-position with hardware autofocusing, which is suitable for applications such as localization, colocalization, time-lapse, uncaging, FRET, FRAP, and ratio imaging.
The instrument also has fluorescence correlation spectroscopy capabilities.

Andor Revolution XD Spinning Disk Microscope


This system provides a range of laser-illuminated microscopy solutions, including spinning disk confocal, total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) and FRAPPA (photo-bleach, activation and ablation) modalities, ideal for live-cell imaging and photo-manipulation. There are four laser lines (405, 488, 560, and 640 nm) and three cameras (two EMCCD and one CCD).

Zeiss 510 Meta (NLO) Confocor 3 Laser Scanning Microscope


This microscope system provides one-photon (1-p) and two-photon (2-p) confocal, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS), and spectra unmixing fluorescence technologies. There are five visible laser lines (458, 488, 514, 561, 633 nm) and a Chameleon Ultra 2-p laser (690-1020 nm) for excitation. Applications are broad with unique features such as 1-p/2-p FCS and confocal.

widefields and 2p

Zeiss AxioObserver Z1 Wide-field LED-based inverted epifluorescence microscope

Axio Observer is your stable research stand for demanding multimodal imaging of living and fixed specimens. This inverted microscope offers the latest generation of LED illumination for gentle imaging. And creates the optimal environment for a whole range of samples to deliver reliable, reproducible data.

Nikon TiE WideField LED-based inverted epifluorescence HCS/ area imager

Combined with NIS-Elements imaging software, the Ti supports diverse image acquisition and analysis methods such as multi-dimensional time-lapse imaging to acquire temporal, spatial and spectral information of fast, dynamic live cell processes. Intelligently designed automation and further expansion of Nikon’s powerful modular approach make the Ti ideal for applications such as confocal, FRET, High Content Analysis (HCS), and photobleaching/photo activation to study interaction of fluorescence protein molecules in living cells and tissues. Nikon’s exclusive Perfect Focus System (PFS) is now incorporated into the nosepiece unit and allows for the simultaneous use of two separate levels for additional illuminators or detectors. The newly developed “full intensity” phase contrast unit enables acquisition of incredible phase contrast images without the use of light-attenuating phase contrast objectives

3I 2-photon Upright Microscope with Phasor Photomanipulation system

Zeiss Axio Examiner.Z1 fully motorized fixed stage upright two-photon excitation microscope workstation with a Vector™ scan head with dual galvo scanning.The two-photon excitation microscope workstation is equipped with the Chameleon Discovery, a versatile, hands-free and fully integrated ultra-fast femtosecond laser system with a complete tuning range of 680-1300 nm. The Chameleon Discovery laser has a second output that is a fixed 1040 line, which has been combined with the tunable line to accommodate dual 2P excitation.