MG-B-TAU is our preferred cell-excluded dye for most purposes. (640/670 ex/em)

Dyedrons (multi-donor arrays with a single fluorogen acceptor) are also cell excluded. TCM-Dyedron and HCM-Dyedron. (532/670 ex/em)

Other dyes like TO1-2P-NH2 (488/520 ex/em) and OTB-SO3 (405/450 ex/em) are also cell excluded.

MG-ester (640/670) and MHN-ester (488/510) are cell permeant dyes that bind to various MG binding FAP proteins.


Organelle Targeted FAPs
pcDNA3.1-COX4-COX8-dL5-2XG4S-mCer3 (Mitochondria Addgene 73208)

pcDNA3.1-kappa-myc-dL5-2XG4S-mCer-KDEL (Endoplasmic Reticulum Addgene 73209)

pcDNA3.1-KozATG-dL5-2XG4S-mCer3 (Cytosolic Addgene 73207)

pcDNA3.1-myc-dL5-2XG4S-mCerSKL (Peroxisomal Addgene 73210)

pcDNA3.1-NLS-myc-dL5-2XG4S-mCer3 (Nuclear Addgene 73205)

pcDNA3.1-KozATG-dH6.2-2XG4S-actin Addgene 73263

pcDNA3.1-KozATG-dL5-2XG4S-actin Addgene 73262

Membrane Proteins
pcDNA3.1-kappa-dL5-2XG4S-TMst (PDGFR TM anchored surface-expression FAP Addgene 73206)

pcDNA3.1-kappa-HA-dL5-BKa (KCNMA1)

FAP dL5 bacterial expression (Generally, we express from oxidizing strains such as Rosetta B-Gami2)
pET21a-10XHis-GST-HRV-dL5(YW) (Addgene 74214)

Affibodies and Affi-FAP constructs (See Wang, Y et al, Bioconj. Chem. 2015)
pET21a-10XHis-GST-HRV-dHer1cysteineST (double Her1-affibody Z1907 with cysteine at C-terminus Addgene 73218)

pET21a-10XHis-GST-HRV-dL5-Her1 (FAP-Affibody construct, Her1 Z1907 affibeody Addgene 73215)

pET21a-10XHis-GST-HRV-Her1-dL5-Her1 (Affibody-FAP-Affibody construct, Her1 affibeody Z1907 Addgene 73217)

pET21a-10XHis-GST-HRV-Her1-dL5 (Affibody-FAP construct, Her1 affibody Z1907 Addgene 73216)

We provide materials as available under MTA or through Addgene. Contact Donna Smith, dtsmith at cmu dot edu for requests.